Monday, October 7, 2013

Did your red light turn off?

October 7, 2013

Hey family! Hello friends! I hope this letter finds you all in the best of moods. Even though life is busy and chaotic, it is great, so smile!

Now about me! To answer your questions: It's been a balmy 89 degrees here the past few days. And people think it's cold. The elders I serve with are both wearing sweaters today. I... just laugh at them. One of them is from Iowa and goes home in 3 weeks. He is going to die. 

Investigator "G" is doing great! She reads from the BOM everyday and prays. She comes to church. She is golden. Her baptism is a week from Friday. I'll send pictures of that too! We also have a new investigator named "A". We taught her once, but she was super cute, and wants to keep meeting with us! Her best friend just left on a mission. We meet with her tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes! 

This week we went through the ward list; trying to figure out who lives in our area and who is less active. Our ward list is 27 pages long, with lots of  Less actives (english speaking). So there's plenty of work to do there! We are going to try to visit a bunch of them this week. Our ward is the "inner city ward." I'm living the ghetto life in Bakersfield! Haha, we don't live in our ward boundaries, and it's really not that bad. And our area is the nicer area of the ward (like Millard), so Mom and Dad, don't worry.

Ah! So much to say, so little time. Let me tell you about a cool experience I had, then conference!

We had Zone Meeting this week too! We did this really cool activity where someone pretends to be the investigator and they choose the topic and who speaks. They can switch between the missionaries midsentence. It's suppose to work on companionship unity. I taught with an elder, and I was nervous! First off, it's an elder, so I haven't had much opportunity to practice with them. We taught the restoration, and we were on fire! I prayed for the Spirit when I was teaching, to help me know what to say. When we would switch midsentence, I would begin to talk right after the switch, not really thinking beforehand. People, the Spirit really does give you what you need to say when you need to say it! They called me Sis. Power afterwards since it went so well. Haha.

I LOVED conference. If you haven't had a chance to see it, it's where the leaders of the church talk about things they feel that God wants us as a church to know. Go to this website ( and choose a random talk. I promise you will hear something that applies to your life. 

Conference was amazing this year. All the talks were fantastic! Especially all the ones about members and missionary work! Oh ya. I'm super stoked to have the prophet calling members to get more involved in the work. All of our investigators were member referrals. All of them. We watched it at the stake center. I really like Holland's talk. I haven't suffered depression, but when he talked about watching and helping others who are started on that path, it really touched me. I thought back to Fall Semester last year, and at the beginning/middle of the semester, I was definitely on that path. Just barely starting it. But I was SO blessed to have girls on my floor who consistently insisted that I do stuff with them, other fantastic friends (particularly in Budge) that helped remind me to be happy, and of course, a wonderful family that loved me from a few thousand miles away. I am so grateful for you all, you have changed my life for the better.

One last thing: kinda funny, explains the subject line. After Sunday morning session of conference, I began to feel itchy. We were going to eat with the Latinos (they brought a delicious lunch and invited us to partake) and we were waiting to say a prayer. All of the sudden, my skin turns super red (as red as the boys were in California), super hot, and pretty itchy. I don't know why I broke out in hives, but one of the Hispanic ladies asked if I ate something spicy. And then my district leader asked me later that day if my red light turned off yet. The hives weren't splotchy, my whole body was just red, hot and itchy. Is that still hives??? But I thought it was pretty funny. I guess I'm just allergic to stress or something, and I don't even know what I'm stressed over!

Well, I love you all SO much. I miss you, especially my family. But I know this is where I'm supposed to be! Read your scriptures and pray every day. This is the only way you'll gain protection against all the evil in the world. I have seen how they have strengthened my life, and I know they will strengthen yours.

I love you all!

Hermana Sami Lau
Alma 26:12

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